Monthly Archives: April 2013

Ray Bradbury Classics Finally Coming as eBooks – GalleyCat

16 classic Ray Bradbury books are coming to digital booksellers for the very first time. Bradbury books for the Kindle have only been available from some Russian sites where they were sloppily scanned and full of mistakes. I am looking forward to paying for “Something Wicked This Way Comes”. I owe it to the master. […]

Checked the bees

I opened up the bee packages to check them and I put on a second box on all three. The picture shows capped pollen (the tan cells) and the rest is uncapped honey. The bees have to reduce the moisture content of the honey until it is thick and then they cap it. There was […]

Another Disappointment

7 weeks after I applied, with 5 interviews, I found out today that one of the jobs I am up for was down to two people and they offered it to the other guy. I wouldn’t mind so much, but after all the discussion and back and forth on this job, I began to want […]

Goodnight Dune

This is very cute, but only for those of us who have read Dune more 8 or 9 times. Goodnight Dune.

Episodes – TOS Star Trek Continues

Much better than you’d think. The new Star Trek Continues Web Series carries on the original 5-year mission. Star Trek Continues begins right where the original left off. To bridge the original series to Star Trek Continues, we have created some vignettes to catch us up on the crew as they begin the 4th year […]

From David Brin

David Brin is an SF writer that I read. Here is is take on yesterdays bombing: It is mid-April. Perforce, whatever terrorist acts we see this time of year are not presumed to be perpetrated by overseas religious fanatics. Oh, sure, our agents and satellites are scurrying about, sniffing in those directions for clues and […]