Snow Day Picasaweb Gallery (in spite of Google+)

Even though I am out of work, I am taking a snow day today. I love the way a nice heavy snow makes the yard look. I took a bunch of pictures.

Here is the album from Picasaweb embedded slide show.

For those of you who use Picasa to store your photos on the web, Google has screwed you. Google now redirects to Google+ so you can’t access the old Picasa site to do things like embed galleries into your web page. I found that you have to use a link with a “?noredirect=1” option. Google is, I guess, trying to prevent us from accessing our images from blogs.

Anyway, to get to the old Picasaweb site enter:

The YOURGOOGLEID is your google user name (mine is kpgraham). If you can’t get that to work, you can use the google id number. This is the google plus number that is part of the google plus link. Here is what I get:
Take that long number and paste in into the link above replacing YOURGOOGLEID.