Monthly Archives: October 2012

Testing WordPress App

Testing out if I can post from my cell phone. This is tedious. My fingers are too big.

TZ Bridge Closed

I received this email alert: UPDATE TAPPAN ZEE BRIDGE CLOSED TO ALL TRAFFIC DUE TO SEVERE WEATHER THE TAPPAN ZEE BRIDGE CLOSED TO ALL TRAFFIC UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE 03:46:56PM 10/29/12 It is a good thing that I did not go to work today. Right about now I’d be heading north through Westchester hoping that the […]

Something Blew

I went over to Larry’s today to get the generator. On the way, Old Mill Road in front of the dam was closed. Larry and I walked down the road on the way back and found that a pipe had burst somewhere in United Water’s property and there was a gusher of water shooting up […]

Larry’s Cat in the Woods

Near the house where I grew up is a woods. I consider these my woods, although I haven’t been there in years. Behind the houses and across the street is an area of steep rocky ground that has no road access so it is has been left wild. It is about 5 acres of trees […]

Buy Windows 8

If you are interested in the latest greatest, you may want to download and install Windows 8. You can get the upgrade for $40. You would need a fast processor, 20 gigs free space on your disk, a DirectX 9 graphics processor, a display that can handle 1366×768 pixels, and at least 2 gigs of […]

Curiosity Rover Creepy Picture

NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity used its laser and spectrometers to examine what chemical elements are in a drift of Martian sand. It took a before and after photo. The image, converted to an animated GIF looks like Mars has a creepy eye that winks at us. (Or creepy lips throwing us kisses.) Mars Science Laboratory: […]

A Pitch For: Nyack the Movie

I saw this on the Nyack Facebook page. A Pitch for: Nyack The Movie!!!!!! Here are some suggestions. Pick the ones you like. I was trying to have a little fun, why don't you see what you can do with it. Post your additions. Anne Marie Knieriem Stader (Annie), Nyack HS Class of ‘68 Director […]

VisitNH : Foliage Tracker

I have not gone anywhere in quite a while. Erica and I used to escape on Sundays. In the Summer we went to flea markets and in the Fall we went to Apple Country. Now we stay home and watch the chickens. I miss my Fall fresh apple pie and hand picked apples. The interactive […]