Buy Windows 8

If you are interested in the latest greatest, you may want to download and install Windows 8. You can get the upgrade for $40. You would need a fast processor, 20 gigs free space on your disk, a DirectX 9 graphics processor, a display that can handle 1366×768 pixels, and at least 2 gigs of ram. (It sounds daunting, but most PCs sold in the last couple of years can meet the minimum.)

There is superstition that Even number Microsoft Operation systems versions are buggy. I remember reinstalling DOS 3.31 after DOS 4.0 screwed up my system. Windows 98 was famously buggy where most version of XP were stable. Nobody liked Vista, but I’ve been using Windows 7 on a few machines and find it tolerable, even if it is over protective.

Will Windows 8 break the curse, or will we have to wait for 8.1?

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