Monthly Archives: April 2012

Justine’s Shuttle Pictures

The space Shuttle Enterprise passed over NYC today, and Justine grabbed a picture with her cell phone.

William Archer: Drama Means a Thing Done

I am reading the 1912 edition of Play-Making by William Archer. It is a nuts and bolts guide to writing plays by a premier critic. It is very readable, even though I have read only a few of the plays discussed, and I would recommend it to all writers, not just playwrights. The best quote […]

John Shirley in NYC May 1st

Here’s another one of those Science Fiction readings that I won’t be able to make. John Shirley, one of my favorite writers, will be reading May 1 down in Soho. Unfortunately it is on Tuesday and it starts at 6:30 which makes it nearly impossible for me to get to. Although only about 30 miles […]

Roadside Stands

The following Flickr Gallery is a list of roadside stands for your approval. I am researching roadside stands. I will build one soon. I need some good weather and that doesn’t look like it will occur for another few weeks.     Roadside Stands, a gallery on Flickr.  

Back to work

I’m sitting at my desk, back at my job. The contract dispute is over and my contract has been approved for another year. The whole time that I was out of work, my back and legs did not bother me much. As soon as I sit in this chair, all the pain comes back. Either […]

My story is up at freezine

My story “Mizuki” is at Freezine. Warning, it is not safe for work. the FREEZINE of Fantasy and Science Fiction.

Back to work

My boss just called and asked me to return to work on Monday. I could have used another week, but my bank account would have suffered. I completed the Chicken coop, except for some minor finish work. I did not write any short stories, fix any amps, restore any mics, or read any books. I […]

Naming the Chicken Coop

I’ve been at home for two weeks now, while the county irons out their problems with issuing new contracts. I am supposed to return to work on the 23rd. I am nearly done with the Coop. You can see it at my chicken blog. I have been calling it the Taj-Ma-hen, but I am not […]