Back to work

My boss just called and asked me to return to work on Monday. I could have used another week, but my bank account would have suffered.

I completed the Chicken coop, except for some minor finish work. I did not write any short stories, fix any amps, restore any mics, or read any books. I worked in the backyard the entire time, and fell exhausted into my TV chair at then end of each day. My back and knees are in pain, and my arms are so sore from hammering, sawing, drilling and toting that I can hardly lift a hand to scratch my head.

Good things about being unemployed:

1. No need to shave.

2. Sleep until 8AM

3. No stupid meetings.

4. Take a few minutes off to watch the chickens.

5. Able to check the bees whenever I get bored.

6. Collecting unemployment checks.

7. Visiting my friends at Home Depot twice a day.

8. Drinking beer on my 3pm coffee break.

Lots of other minor things.

At least I will be doing more blogging now that I will be at work sitting in front of a computer 8 hours a day.