Monthly Archives: February 2012

Zero-G Guitar

There is a guitar on the ISS, designed for playing in Zero Gravity. I wrote a story about this (available on Smashwords for the Kindle and other eReaders) called “Unplugged“.

Annoying Hertz Google Doodle.

Does it bother anyone else that the Google Doodle for Hertz’s 155th birthday is not a sine wave? They used half circles, some distorted, to create a sine-wave looking thing, but a true sine wave crosses the x axis at a 45 degree angle. I suppose using the half circle is a cheap way of […]

My First Pro Sale

The SFWA (Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America) has decided that a professional sale is one that pays more the 5 cents a word, totals more than $50 and is to a science fiction or fantasy magazine that has been in operation more than a year. I sold my story “Finny Moon” to Lore […]

Andre Norton born 100 years ago today.

Andre Norton – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

My Birthday is Coming Up

Robotic Mule

I’ve had a story idea for a while. It is based on a an O Henry story, but one of his early westerns. I think it would translate well into Science Fiction. I think this is the missing piece.


I’ve been reading Jim Shannon’s blog for a few years now. His life parallels mine in a few ways (except he’s from Canada), including adopting cats. He has a small apartment, and I have a small house and each of us has more cats than we need. Unfortunately with cats, they have short lives and […]

The Waggle Dance and Honey Bee Brains

I have seen the honey bee dance that is used by bees to tell each other how to find flowers. A bee returns to the hive with a load of nectar and dances around in a circle and then moves, wagging back and forth in the direction of the source of the nectar. The bee […]