I’ve been reading Jim Shannon’s blog for a few years now. His life parallels mine in a few ways (except he’s from Canada), including adopting cats. He has a small apartment, and I have a small house and each of us has more cats than we need. Unfortunately with cats, they have short lives and it seems that just when we get ones that we like, they’re taken away.

I will never get used to losing a beloved cat. It was just a few months ago that Max left us after a long illness. We knew it was coming but it still hurts.

Jim’s long time friend, Sparky, had to be put to sleep. He had a corona virus and was fading fast. He couldn’t eat and had trouble breathing. His death was eminent so it seemed kinder to end it quickly. I hope someone has enough love and courage to do the same for me when my time comes.

I like to believe that when I pass on, that all of the cats that I’ve lost over the years will be waiting by their food bowls in a better place, waiting to be fed, and then pile on to my lap and purr while I pet them for eternity.

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  1. Jim Shannon wrote:

    Thanks Keith for the kind words, they mean a lot

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