Mob of Rats Destroys Car in West Nyack

This happened down the street from us. I have rarely seen rats. We have lots of field mice, though. The cats don’t seem to do their jobs very well. If rats do start appearing I hope the cats will get out of their little cat beds and patrol the area. The only thing that the cats seem interested in is cat food and sleeping.

Ollie brought in a chipmunk a few weeks ago, and we have not been able to catch it. It lives off of cat kibble and seems much more active and lively than the cats. They seem to treat it like a pet, halfheartedly chasing it from time to time, but never catching it. Chipmunks are cute and all, but we don’t need them in the house.

Mob of Rats Destroys Car in West Nyack


  1. Justine wrote:

    Yikes! That story is alarming.

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  2. Skyring wrote:

    I love your set of interests! I’ve just installed your anti-spammer plugin on my blog at BookCrossing Gossip and I’ve added your feed to my temp blogroll. I may write a post about your collection of blogs.

    I’m reading a kind of science fiction book at the moment. “Among Others” by Jo Walton. a teenage girl in the UK around 1980, who devours every new SF&F book out. She mentions all of the classics – I was making my own collection about that time, and I reckon we were reading a lot of the same stuff.

    Thanks for the plug-in. I’ll go off and look at your SF stories now!


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