8 inches of wet sloppy snow

Trees are coming down with cracks like rifle shots all over the place. It sounds like a war zone. There are branches down on the trucks, although they look like the heavy weight hit the ground first. There are branches down in the driveway, but I think I could get out in an emergency. The road in front of the house has a tree down. I just started hearing chain saws. We still have lights and internet, but the lights flicker every few minutes.

I was out checking the bees and almost got conked by a huge branch. The old chicken shed is leaning to the north with a huge branch on it. If you go out you can hear bang, bang followed by rumbles of falling trees. Next summer, there will be lots of sunlight coming in through the trees where the branches are missing.

I am afraid to go back again and check the bees. I was almost killed last time. So far, there are lots of near misses with big branches a foot or so away from the hives, but they’ve been lucky.