Monthly Archives: November 2011

ZZ-Top – The Breakfast of Champions

Fight those Cyber Monday Blues with a little ZZ-Top. ZZ-Top is at their best playing low down and dirty Chicago style blues. This little selection should make your Monday a little better.

stopping off place: RAY GUN

The blog in the link below posts scans from old books and magazines. This scan is from an art exhibit featuring Ray Guns and things that sort of look like ray guns. It’s lots of fun. Go to the site and click on one of the images to see the slide show. stopping off place: […]

Happy Birthday Frederik Pohl

Fred Pohl is 92 today. I have been reading Fred Pohl’s blog for a couple of years now and I enjoy immensely, not only for his recollections of the early days of Science Fiction, but for his views on politics and society. Fred has been a Communist, Socialist, and Left Wing organizer for as long […]

The Kindle Collection Manager

I have found that many people are not PC savvy enough to copy books to their Kindle. Most people can not create collections and organize their books. Enter the Kindle Collection Manager. I had settled down to write my own version of iTunes for the Kindle and started doing research on the Kindle’s secret file […]

The beauty of pollination – YouTube

Watch this for the bees – amazing. The beauty of pollination – YouTube.

I sold a book in France

One of my harmonica books sold on the website. I am amazed.

Createspace Channels Expanded Distribution Sales losing money

I’ve noticed that I have had some “channel” sales of my book through Createspace. The book was sold through Amazon, but only made the 70¢ that a channel sale would make and I’ve finally figured out what these sales are about. Normally, I would make $2.49 when I sell one of my books through Amazon. […]


Since January of 2010 I have only, with a few exceptions, submitted my short stories to markets that  pay professional rates. As a result, I have not had any sales in almost two years. The exceptions are reprints and one or two stories that I did not think were right for pro markets. A few […]