Createspace Channels Expanded Distribution Sales losing money

I’ve noticed that I have had some “channel” sales of my book through Createspace. The book was sold through Amazon, but only made the 70¢ that a channel sale would make and I’ve finally figured out what these sales are about.

Normally, I would make $2.49 when I sell one of my books through Amazon. When I set up my sales channels at Createspace, I selected to opt into Expanded Distribution sales. This would be libraries, bookstores and Create Space Direct. I would only make 70¢ from these sales, but I figures that it would be a sale I would not otherwise make.

What I learned was that there are a whole bunch of bookstores that sell on Amazon. They charge a few cents less for the book that Amazon charges and then drop ship the book from Createspace at a much lower price. As a result, I get only 20% of the income from one of these sales.

You can see these sales on Amazon if you go to your book and see “New From” listings at a trifle less than what your full price. You can also see “Used” versions of your book doing the same thing. I am sure there are no used versions of my book around, because I don’t sell many books and know where most of them are going.

If you are selling books, uncheck the Bookstores and Online sellers in your sales channels panel. Amazon is the only online store you need, and by selling through these bookstores, you only cut your profits.

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  1. Jeff Foliage wrote:

    Hi Keith, I left some feedback over on your plugin page and thought I would stop in over here to see more of your current ramblings… I like the insight into the Amazon workings. If you would like I would be willing to put an ad for you up on my webcam page. Free since I haven’t donated yet for the plugin… which seems to have a hole in it, as it’s letting in a flood of spammers.20-50/day.
    If I don’t hear anything I’ll try to stop back in here to see what things are on your mind..

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