Monthly Archives: September 2011

Frogs in Aspic

I am finishing up the next book. I’ve had three revisions already on Kindle, but they all had problems so for the moment it is unpublished. If I submit the print version today, I should have a copy in my hands late next week. The print version uses a smaller type than the last book. […]

Book Sales

My books on Amazon sell in spurts. I will get no sales for a week or two, then I’ll I sell a bunch of books all of a sudden. I recently had a sales spurt. The source of the sales was not from one of my Amazon links because I didn’t get my 5% from […]

Blogging from my iPad

I am typing using the iPad WordPress app. Not exactly easy, but still sort of neat. I’ve spent the last half hour searching for free apps. There are not that many that I need. The writing apps all cost money. I’ll wait until I get a keyboard and see if it is an easier.

My Mother Called

She wanted to tell me that she was out of coffee. Dad bought cases of coffee at 69¢ a can about 10 years ago and she finally used it all up. I love my mother, but I had to tune her out while she talked and get back to work. Eventually she asked me if […]

Got an iPad in the mail

Justine sent me her old iPad. I was skeptical of the Kindle but changed my mind. I am skeptical of the iPad, but it has too much potential to give up on it. I wiped the iPad and reloaded the factory defaults. There is a map app, a notepad and an iPod app, but not […]


Shaun Lawton is has a nice illustration for a t-shirt. If he doesn’t get around to making the shirts, I’ll go on to cafe press and make one for myself. (My name is too small)

Too much sorrow

I was late for work for some reason. Erica was had the TV on and called me over. A plane had hit the towers. I knew people who worked there and I hoped that they were OK. As I watched the news another plane hit the other tower.  Things would not be OK. I went […]

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence – Fall 2011

I signed up to the course at Stanford School of Engineering: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence – Fall 2011. It is FREE and looks very interesting. I actually taught a course in Artificial Intelligence at night, so I am hoping it won’t be too hard for me. There were hundreds of thousands of people who signed […]