Book Sales

My books on Amazon sell in spurts. I will get no sales for a week or two, then I’ll I sell a bunch of books all of a sudden.

I recently had a sales spurt. The source of the sales was not from one of my Amazon links because I didn’t get my 5% from the Amazon affiliate program. I have no idea if these sales were related in any way other than timing. I did a search on my book and I did not find any reviews or other mention of it.

I am going to spend some time this weekend formatting the next book of short stories. I have read that it pays to have two or more books out there because they will feed each other. A reader who likes one will buy the other. Since there are two books, the odds of finding one of them is doubled, and this potentially quadruples the sales. I don’t think that the sales will increase exponentially, but I have a third and fourth book in the works that I want to publish. I may need to write a few more stories before I publish them, though.