Monthly Archives: April 2011

Byte’s DOS Programmer’s Cookbook by Keith Graham, Craig Menefee (Used, New, Out-of-Print) – Alibris

This book lists me as an author back in 1994, and I contributed a very tiny amount in the planning stages, but in reality, my name should never appeared on it. A guy named Nic Anis wanted to use my name because I was well known as a shareware author at the time. I signed […]

The Spiritkeeper

Lynn Biederstadt has been serializing her novel on her website: The Spiritkeeper. It looks pretty good. My friend Robert Peloquin recommends it highly and so I am adding it to my list. I downloaded the first chapters and I am intrigued. I am looking forward to downloading the Kindle version. (I just converted the first […]

Error Message Eyes on Apple iTunes

I don’t know how to search the iTunes catalog without actually being in iTunes. I accidentally discovered that I have a page on iTunes where you can download all of my iBooks for reading on the iPhone or iPad. I know that I sold some of these, but Apple takes many months so credit your […]

Congers Lake

We’ve been looking for a new place to walk. Rockland Lake has become too crowded. We walked Congers Lake which is nearby and had a good time. The walk is a little shorter – about 2 + miles, but it was scenic and only a few other people were walking.

Clarion Write-a-Thon

Clarion has this thing where you sign up and and a group of writers give each other support. You can also get sponsors that donate a small amount for each word that you write. (I might be able to get someone to pay me NOT to write). I am thinking of signing up and using […]

Lovecraft’s “The Shunned House” is for sale

I would like to live in this house. It looks very nice, and I don’t believe that the bones of dead children are hidden behinds its walls – anymore. the real estate listing The Lovecraftsman: The house from H.P. Lovecraft’s story “The Shunned House” is for sale.

Bee Pickup

Bees. First is the hives that I prepared and then the pictures of Beekeepers at the Palisades Mall.

Bees in the Wee hours of Sunday Morning

My bees will arrive from a Georgia apiary this Sunday about 3AM. According to the weather report, there will be moderate rain. I’ll be waiting in the parking lot of the Palisades Mall for the bees to arrive. I ordered them around Christmas, not knowing that three of my hives were dying in the prolonged […]