Bees in the Wee hours of Sunday Morning

My bees will arrive from a Georgia apiary this Sunday about 3AM. According to the weather report, there will be moderate rain. I’ll be waiting in the parking lot of the Palisades Mall for the bees to arrive. I ordered them around Christmas, not knowing that three of my hives were dying in the prolonged winter cold.

I will install the two packages, each the size of large shoebox and each containing 10,000 angry bees, on Sunday morning. I hope it will stop raining for a while so I can do this. If the bees get wet they might die.

Last year, the two packages of bees did well, right up to that cold snap that killed them. I hope that both packages succeed, although the success rate of package bees is supposed to be about 75%.

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  1. Key Logger wrote:

    This stuff shows your innocent care regarding bees. I wish these packages get succeed and you will get your required result.


    Friday, April 22, 2011 at 4:27 am | Permalink