I’ve written a whole lot of stories in the Science Fiction sub-genre called cyberpunk. This is basically stories in the near future where computer technology is being used and abused by criminals, hackers and outsiders. The genre tends to be pessimistic about the future. Examples start withe Brunner’s Shockwave Rider and goes on to novels by Shirley, Rucker and, of course, Gibson. Gibson (misquoted) “The street finds its own uses for technology”.

RocketPunk would be another genre where, to paraphrase Gibson, “Space finds its own uses for Technology”. I’ve written more than a few of these.

I like the term RocketPunk. It means that that the Science Fiction Space Opera is now in the hands of the rogue engineer or hacker and no longer runs according the well planned schedules of governments and multinational corporations.

Thanks, Steve – this is word that I needed. This may be the name of my next Collection of short stories.

The ROCKETPUNK REVOLUTION is Upon Us! | The Crotchety Old Fan.