Book Sales Reversals

I read this over at Smashwords:

March 22 – If you experienced a reversed sale during the time period of February 18-21, you were one of about 8% of Smashwords authors and publishers affected. These were fraudulent purchases using stolen credit cards. The books were removed from the perpetrator’s account.

They reversed several of my sales, which was very disappointing. There was one for my Harmonica Book, which is my best seller at Smashwords, and the book that I make the most money from. The rest were 99ยข books.

I wonder if the thief had any time to download these and if they will appear on a Russian bootleg site before long. I have searched for all the books, but I only see legitimate references and a whole boatload of sites that stole the preview and then link back to smashwords using the affiliate links.