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New Book on Amazon Kindle

I made the title too long. It is Playing Help-Me in the Style of Sonny Boy Williamson II

Playing “Help-Me” in the Style of Sonny Boy Williamson II

I made another Kindle book. This one is the analysis of that I made of Sonny Boy Wiliamson’s great song “Help Me”. It is 50 pages of Blues Harp geek speak. This should do much better than my Science Fiction stories, which have very slow sales.

Science Fiction and a Live Studio Audience

I’ve never seen Red Dwarf, a BBS comedy about the last human alive some 3 million years in the future. I am told it is at least related to Science Fiction, but Wikipedia says that is is more like British comedy with an occasional science fiction reference thrown in. Red Dwarf is coming back. The […]

Capturing 35mm Film

Last year I bought a 35mm scanner at a garage sale for $5. I eventually want to scan my Dad’s 35mm film collection which dates back to the 1930s. He has some interesting negatives of world war II. Much of this my mother threw out after Dad died, but Larry has saved some of it. […]

36 Cents

My newest evil plan to conquer the universe involves embedding a link to buy my book in the WordPress Plugins that I write. Writing WordPress plugins is a kind of hobby of mine. These plugins get several hundred downloads per day, and that means several hundred eyes viewing the nag message, and every once in […]

My Great Great Great Great Grandfather

I was looking for something else and found a link to this. I have a dozen or so ancestors who fought in the revolutionary war, but this is a sad story. Rockland Lake is a pond up above the Hudson River that was used for ice for many years. There is a landing on the […]

At the Library, Maybe

I asked a friend at the library to see if I could get on the “local authors” shelf. Now the librarian wants me to show up and read a story one night. I don’t think I can do that. I don’t have a good speaking voice. My stories are not that dramatic. Teaching is OK, […]

More back door marketing

I spent a few hours today fixing up a couple of my more popular WordPress Plugins. One of them has over 15,000 downloads. Now not all of those blogs are still using the plugin, but since I upgraded, I expect one or two thousand people to fetch the upgraded code. In truth, I spent more […]