Science Fiction and a Live Studio Audience

I’ve never seen Red Dwarf, a BBS comedy about the last human alive some 3 million years in the future. I am told it is at least related to Science Fiction, but Wikipedia says that is is more like British comedy with an occasional science fiction reference thrown in.

Red Dwarf is coming back.

The series died after 8 seasons, mainly because the original writers left the show, but at least partially because “the producers decided to spend more money on cheesy CGI effects than on writers under the misapprehension that Sci-fi geeks would rather see giant monsters and big explosions than hear carefully-crafted gags…

I am certain that what is wrong with SciFi (Science Fiction in movies and TV) is that they rely too much on loud noises and flashing lights to maintain the attention of their audiences. Most good SF consists of Speculation that takes place largely in your head and is simulated by interesting discussions of the possibilities created by advancing technologies. It is not about light sabers, howling monsters, dancing virtual ninjas, or aliens that look like humans in rubber suits.

One of the interesting things about the New Red Dwarf Series is that it will filmed in front of live studio audience.

Now there’s a thought. If science fiction is to really work, it consists of good ideas, good characters, good writing and good science. The test of a good science fiction idea is could it be filmed in front of a live studio audience? It the answer is yes, than the idea would survive without all the flash and bang of super special affects and 3D graphics. The litmus test of Science Fiction becomes the Red Dwarf rule. If you could not do in a small studio in front of live audience without special effects, then it is not good SF.

I’ll have to check out this Red Dwarf stuff on YouTube.

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