Monthly Archives: October 2010

Cousin Bob Heinlein

I finished the Heinlein biography and at the end it has some genealogy. Several of the surnames looked familiar. Bob’s family stretches back to Connecticut and some early New England settlers, as do many of my ancestors. I checked my family tree on and found matches. I am proud to say that I am […]

Layoffs Coming to the County

I learned this morning that a New York State program being run by the County where I work is being outsourced. This is a State program that NY pays the county to administer. NY pays to administer the mandated program, but it costs the county a little more than the state pays. The department is […]

Robert A. Heinlein – In Dialogue With His Century, by Patterson

I am about halfway through Robert A. Heinlein – In Dialogue With His Century, by William H. Patterson. I am reading it in 100 page chunks on the bus. Much of this extremely well documented book is surprising to me. My opinion of Heinlein has changed a little because of the book. It is an […]

Orionid meteor shower tonight

The Orionid meteor shower peaks tonight. The meteors are rocks and sand left behind by Halley’s comet. It has been going on for a week now, but tonight is the peak in terms of frequency of meteors. This is best viewed after the moon sets and before dawn, so your best bet in the U.S. […]

Holographic Rock Star

This is very much a Cyberpunk meme. Hatsune Miku is a Japanese rock star that is entirely computer generated. She appears on stage as a giant holographic image and her voice is synthesized from a baseline female voice. The voice, perhaps, is the most interesting thing about her. A real singer’s voice is sampled and […]

New Cat Quilt

I got lots of good stuff at the Garage Sales today. Erica bought this small quilt for $1. She set it on the couch and Max immediately went over to it and snuggled up in it. Cats like to center themselves on geometric shapes. On the bed the cats arrange themselves on the rings of […]

30 Rejections

Pedestal magazine closed today without accepting my story. They seem to have stopped reading today and are preparing the Oct 21 issue. The next issue is a for 1500 word stories only. I can assume that I did not sell Speed Trap to Pedestal, which makes 30 rejections for my favorite story. I sent it […]

Honey Harvest

I was going to harvest all the hives, but after robbing one honey super form the Justine hive, I am pooped. I got about 30 pounds from just the one super. There are two more on Justine and the other hives make about 9 more. If I am right that would be about 200 pounds […]