30 Rejections

Pedestal magazine closed today without accepting my story. They seem to have stopped reading today and are preparing the Oct 21 issue. The next issue is a for 1500 word stories only. I can assume that I did not sell Speed Trap to Pedestal, which makes 30 rejections for my favorite story. I sent it off the Futurismic today and should hear back from them in less than two weeks. I have yet to decide where it goes to after they reject it. If it comes back before Halloween I might send it to AnotheRealm as their reading period ends on the 31st.

I have started writing a story with the same main character as Speed Trap. I’ve re-written Speed Trap so many times that I feel that I know the character very well. The new story is all written in my head, but I haven’t had time to put it to pixels.