Monthly Archives: July 2009

Shatner Does Palin

Shatner does Palin’s farewell speech with bongos. This is true art. The nbc server seems overwhelmed. You might have to try again in a day or so.


I won’t be going to Worldcon in Montreal. When I was thinking about it last fall, I priced the whole trip at around $850. I just priced it out and it comes to around $1400 and that is not at the main hotel. Last year I could have reserved a luxury room there quite cheaply, […]

Roxy at Tarrytown

I went to see Roxy play over at the Tarrytown Park. It’s beautiful there with a great view of the Tappan Zee Bridge and the Hudson River. I got a couple of nice shots of the sun setting over Central Nyack across the river. Roxy July 30, 2009

Underwater UFOs (I read it for the SF story ideas) has an article about newly released records from Russia about close encounters with alien spacecraft – underwater! I seem to remember a movie about an alien spacecraft on the bottom of the ocean, but I can’t think of any alien submarine stories. It would make sense […]

The Big Flaw

I’ve been doing critiques for a couple of weeks or so. I have written half a dozen critiques and read (or started to read) a lot of stories. I am amazed at the good quality of the writing. This is counterintuitive, yet I should not be surprised that the critters stories were better than […]

A Sense of Wonder

Steve Davidson has a longish post that starts with whining about someone who declared that SF is not “literary“. I am not concerned with the debate. I know enough to realize that at least one person in the debate is an idiot and not worth my comment. The interesting thing is that Steve gets to […]

Got Stumbled

Stumbleupon has hit this site hard for the past few days. The site received over 800 referrals yesterday. They are all for the cliches page, though, and stumbleupon traffic is useless. They look at the site, say “son of a gun”, and move onto the next site. They don’t even bother to bookmark it. All […]

New Definition for Reality

I am about half way through Stand on Zanzibar by John Brunner. The book is hard to describe. It might be compared to something James Joyce would write while tripping on LSD. It’s a difficult book, and like Ulysses, requires quite a bit of background. Unlike Ulysses, this is background that I have. Brunner’s definition […]