I won’t be going to Worldcon in Montreal. When I was thinking about it last fall, I priced the whole trip at around $850. I just priced it out and it comes to around $1400 and that is not at the main hotel. Last year I could have reserved a luxury room there quite cheaply, right now the nearby hotels are full.

Next year Worldcon is in Melbourne Australia. It would cost around $3500. As nice as it would be to visit Australia, I think I’ll have to pass on this one, too. The $3500 is for tourist class and I don’t think that my 6’3″ frame could survive long in seats designed for 5’6″ people.

That leaves 2011 and Reno – that actually sounds like fun. Winter of 2010 I will make a decision, but I would like to attend at least one Worldcon before I’m too old to enjoy it.