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I talked to Jim. The new Trek movie is getting more or less good reviews. Jim and I are going to the Palisades IMAX to watch it. Jim is making reservations. I don’t know when Jim will be able to get the tickets as it is selling out fast. I hope it’s a late night […]

Forest J. Ackerman Estate Auction

A while ago I bought several odd lots from Forest J. Ackerman’s Garage Mahal. He was selling off some of his items to get a little cash. Most importantly, I got a note of thanks with his signature with everything that I bought. Now the 4E has moved on to that great monster mash in […]

1957 WorldCon Photos

Very cool pictures from the 1957 London Worldcon. (via The Crotchety Old Fan) Here is my favorite: John W. Campbell, Jr. and H. Beam Piper. Piper is moving up fast on my favorite Author’s list, and Campbell was the editor of Astounding and did much to shape modern Science Fiction. 1957 WorldCon Photos

The Cost of Kindness and Other Fabulous Tales, Shinichi Hoshi (1985)

Shinichi Hoshi is the Japanese Master of the short-short story. He wrote over 1000 of these flash pieces. I had a tough time finding any translations of his stories. Read the review of The Cost of Kindness and Other Fabulous Tales, Shinichi Hoshi (1985)


Too much like real life:

Nyack boy makes good – Chuck Loeb Interview

I went to Nyack High School with Chuck’s sister. Now he has a spread in Modern Guitar Mag. Chuck Loeb Interview

Free Mother's Day Present – Name A Star

“She Gave Birth to you. She raised you. Mom taught you to be careful how you spend your money. Why pay $50 or more for a Mother’s Day Star? With you can dedicate a star to Mom for free.” I made up a new web page on freenameastar. I have no shame.

D-99, H.B. Fyfe (1966)

D-99 is a future government agency known as the Bureau of Slick Tricks. This is the prototype of “Men in Black”. Read my review of D-99, H.B. Fyfe (1966).