Forest J. Ackerman Estate Auction

A while ago I bought several odd lots from Forest J. Ackerman’s Garage Mahal. He was selling off some of his items to get a little cash. Most importantly, I got a note of thanks with his signature with everything that I bought.

Now the 4E has moved on to that great monster mash in the sky, his estate is up for sale at the Profiles in History auction site.

These are the real treasures and I can see where there are millions of dollars worth of items. One thing for sale is a First edition book Dracula signed by Bram Stoker and also signed by Bela Lugosi as well as most every actor who ever played Dracula.

I wanted to bid on the two items that were a collection of awards. One had FJA’s Hugo award from 1946 and the other has the World Fantasy Award (the H.P. Lovecraft bust). This would be the only way that I could ever get one of these. The bidding started at $300 and that’s out of my price range.

Here are the pictures from the website:

Group of awards presented to Forry J Ackerman including: Hugo Award which incorporates the rocket ship from the very first Hugo Award presented to Forry Ackerman in 1946, Pulpcon Award, skull with fez (unknown attribution), Fantastic Arts, Evans Retrospective 1946, Rondo Monsterkid Award, Moxie Smiff L.A.W. Award. $600 – $800

Group of seven Ackerman awards including: Lifetime Achievement & Mentor Award, Forrest J Ackerman Best Everything, metal Saturn Award, Chiller Theatre Magazine Living Legend Award 1996, Horror Writers Association Life Achievement Award, Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society Forry Award, and 2002 World Fantasy Award (H. P. Lovecraft bust), $600 – $800

Oh well, unless I win the lotto tonight, I am not going to get these.

Forest J. Ackerman Estate Auction