Monthly Archives: November 2008

Websites Down for a few hours

My websites hosted at went down around noon today. I called and was told that there was a hardware error and that the hardware was being swapped out. The sites just came up so I am trying a post to the blog to see what happens.

Murder in Nyack

Squirrel commented on my blog about how crime hasn’t changed much in Nyack. Here are a few brief Nyack murder stories where family and friends were involved. 1) My friend Jim’s Uncle killed Jim’s other Uncle (mid 1930s). The younger brother shot his older brother who was physically and emotionally abusive. Jim’s mother hid the […]

Ward’s Heat Exchanger

This is an interesting idea. It is designed to heat up water going to the hot water heater by extracting heat from waste water. Basically, when your dishwasher is flushing hot water down the drain, the heat exchanger is grabbing the heat and pre-heating the water going to your hot water heater. It is a […]

Six Months and Counting

Today marks 180 days that I have been waiting to hear from the Robert A. Heinlein Centennial Short Story Contest. Six months is a long time to wait on a story. Their website is never updated and there is no discussion board to check to find out what progress is being made. I think this […]

Story finished and out the door

I spent about 45 minutes on Thursday and and again on Friday writing a 3200 word cyberpunk story. I proofed it one more time today. I sent it to the first of two venues in DuoTrope that had the keyword cyberpunk. I expect to hear by Christmas, but my experience is that as soon as […]

In2Site – Not Good

My web host company offers this as a free option. It is supposed to allow a pop-up on the site so that users can chat with you while you are online and you can see what they see and help them through the site. It seemed like a good way to make a few more […]

Traffic up

Lately I’ve notice a gentle rise in traffic here. The traffic has doubled over the last four months. I figured it was due to the book reviews that I was doing, although I doubt that they really appeal to many people. A very recent increase in hits is because my cliche page has been getting […]

Ebay Book Sales

I’ve shipped out four boxes of books. I am making about 25ยข per book. The large boxes do worse than the small boxes for some reason. It seems that 7 might be the best amount to sell in a lot. I will try a couple of lots of 5 books to see how they do. […]