Ebay Book Sales

I’ve shipped out four boxes of books. I am making about 25¢ per book. The large boxes do worse than the small boxes for some reason. It seems that 7 might be the best amount to sell in a lot. I will try a couple of lots of 5 books to see how they do.

Paperback books average about 6 ounces each, including packing material. The exception was the Stephen Donaldson books, which came in around 10 ounces each. The formula width times height times depth divided by 39 to get pounds is not very good due to the amount of space inside a box and the density of the paper. Some books are denser than other books. The thieves world books came in the least dense and the Donaldson the most dense. It is coincidence that this also describes the narrative.

I was hoping to be able to list the books without weighing them. The bathroom scale seems to give me very inconsistent results. I need a postal scale, but I have no place to put one. As it is, I can say that thin, older books are about 5 oz, while fat new books are 10 oz and make a judgment. If I am wrong, media mail only costs 5¢ per ounce so if I am off a few ounces it doesn’t hurt much.

So far my garage sale books has profited almost $9. Another week and I’ll have the 300+ books paid for with about 200 left over. I have 3 auctions totaling 38 books in auctions now. At the current rate that should be $9 more. This weekend I will pick out another 40 books to sell and that will put me in the black.