Monthly Archives: January 2008

My old PC on eBay

Westchester County has an eBay department and eBay Store pickup in Elmsford. They don’t ship, which is a shame, because they would get more money for their items. I have though about offering a service to ship the Westchester County eBay items for people who have paid for them. Shipping plus 20% of price, but […]

Edward Tufte: Interface design and the iPhone

Edward Tufte, the design guru, is always a fascinating read. I have several of his books. They are visual wonders, but a little light on text, and I like text. I try to think in terms of the principles of design that he lays out in his books, but not being as visual as some, […]

Long Weekend cut off from the Internet

This was Martin Luther King weekend and because I work for a municipal government I had Monday off. Justine’s little Panasonic notebook is dead, probably permanently. The hard drive is a 1.8 inch 3.3 Volt drive located deep in the gizzard of the thing. I found the directions for taking it apart and replacing the […]

Words Words Words — The Dream Cafe Weblog

Science Fiction Writer Steven Brust has started blogging at the Dream Cafe. His old blog at Live Journal was put out of business by anonymous readers who flagged his blog as having objectionable material. This only because of his politics, because the blog itself was a just an interesting writing blog. He rarely blogged anything […]


The tiny Chinese laptop computer (on right in picture) that Justine brought back from Hong Kong died over night. I use a computer while I watch TV to check the TV schedule, answer mail, monitor my websites, post pictures to the blog and play Mine Sweeper. I have even worked on a story or two. […]

Star Trek: New Voyages

I download the first three episodes of the New Voyages. I used uTorrent to download the files. If you are new to torrents, the file winds up on your disk from hundreds of others who are sharing the file. It takes hours (if not days) and you have to leave your machine on while it […]

Last of the Cute Cat Christmas Pictures

GrandCentral Beta

There’s been a bunch of these free telephone number places, and I am not a big telephone talker so I don’t use them much. I just got a number from They have a button that I am testing to call me. I have it set to send any callers to voice mail, but if […]