Monthly Archives: October 2007

Websites Going Up and Down

My websites have had some trouble keeping it up. This site and about 20 other of my sites are hosted by I have a business account for $9.95 a month with which I can host 50 different websites. Normally 1and1 is stable, but it has been down for a total of about 6 hours […]

Disturbing Faces in My Web Design Course

There is a knot of dudes young male students who sit in the back of the class and have fun while I am teaching. Last night, while I was trying to teach, they had some fun with the scanner. I caught them at it and turned it into an extra credit project. If they would […]

Heat Update

Just another update about heat. The temperature has dropped into the upper 40s (F) here at night. The heat seems to work and the downstairs zone is kicking in so it’s warm when we come down for coffee. When I built the upstairs, I ran the heat and radiators myself and when I did the […]

Downloading Audio Books

I have discovered torrents and I have used mininova to search for audio book torrents. I am using ĀµTorrent as my p2p client. My taste does not intersect much with the tastes of those sharing their audio books, but I have found a few good things. The best that I have found are BBC science, […]

Print SF is Dying

There have been a few blog articles lately about the last days of Science Fiction. Bob Sawyer wrote about it and several editors have been blogging reactions and opinions. Warren Ellis blogged about in the link above. He writes that there is some hard data about SF magazine circulation from 2006 in Garner Dozois’ Year’s […]

Competitive Ads

Someone is advertising using Google Adsense for a star naming service. The ads appear right on my pages. Name a Star for $29.95Not just some cheap email certificate I think they might be targeting my website, because I give away email certificates for free. Adsense has a way where you can pick the sites […]

Seventh Sense

Cole: I see dumb people. Malcolm:In your dreams? [Cole shakes his head no] Malcolm:While you’re awake? [Cole nods] Malcolm:Dump people like, in clown suites? In political office? Cole:Walking around like regular people. They don’t see each other.They only see what they want to see. They don’t know they’re dumb. Malcolm :How often do you see […]

The New James T. Kirk: Chris Pine

New talk on Trek XI movie. Kirk: Chris PineSpock: Zachary QuintoScotty: Simon PeggMcCoy: Karl UrbanUhura: Zoe SaldanaChekov: Anton YelchinSulu: John Cho I don’t read people magazine or watch comic book shows on TV so I don’t know these actors. According to one discussion they were chosen for their physical resemblance to the original actors and […]