The New James T. Kirk: Chris Pine

New talk on Trek XI movie.

Kirk: Chris Pine
Spock: Zachary Quinto
Scotty: Simon Pegg
McCoy: Karl Urban
Uhura: Zoe Saldana
Chekov: Anton Yelchin
Sulu: John Cho

I don’t read people magazine or watch comic book shows on TV so I don’t know these actors. According to one discussion they were chosen for their physical resemblance to the original actors and not any experience or talent. Hey, Roddenberry could not have selected the original actors for their talent either, so it might work.

I never saw the last Trek movie and I doubt if I will watch this. I am a purist and prefer the TV format, except for DS9 and Enterprise. Enterprise did not have the Trek feel and DS9 was just plain bad.

I miss Star Trek. I could settle down to a good Voyager tonight or a later episode of Next Generation, but they are just not showing them on TV anymore. Justine gave me a bunch of VHS tapes, but it is not the same without the commercial breaks. It is also good to not have to pick an episode.

I calculate that there is a still a minute chance that there is an Original Series episode that I have not seen. I did not watch much TV when the shows first aired. I had seen Trek a few times, but I never saw it in color until I watched an episode with Erica’s Dad in 1969. Over the years, I have caught the reruns, but I have never sat down and watched all the episodes in order, so there is that small possibility that there is an episode that I haven’t seen.
I know that I missed several Next Generation and Voyager episodes because I was either teaching or going to school or I was out on the nights that they aired. I made up most of them in the reruns. It is almost certain that I will be watching a rerun of one of the Star Treks some day and find that I am watching an episode that I have never seen before. I am looking forward to it.