Monthly Archives: August 2007

Top 20 Science Fiction Films

While we wait for Robert to finally give me his top comedy list, here is my top 20 list of Science Fiction films. They have to be good films and at least decent Science Fiction. These are not in any order. I started with a popular list of 100 SciFI movies and picked off of […]


I just found out that I am teaching ART-144 Web Page Design at RCC again. I thought that they had given the job to a full time instructor, but I play poker with the head of the department. I was going to write a text book and publish it with, but there is no […]

Gorey and Tribbles

I am a great Edward Gorey Fan. There is a fan site that just released the awful trek story The Trouble with Tribbles as drawings in the style of Gorey. It is very well done, except that there should be more of it. From: shaenon: New Smithson!


Someone hacked I had closed my monster account over a year ago, but I use USAJOBS to keep an eye on NASA programming positions. (Yes, I still think it would be cool to work for NASA.) USAJOBS uses the system to manage the government jobs in its database. The USAJOBS database is one […]


As you may have noticed, I am up to $30 from – Capitalism, she is wonderful. The other pay-to-blog sites don’t seem to have as many jobs and they jobs that they have are for online pharmacies, porn or other obnoxious websites. A coke ad is as American as… well, Coca Cola. One thing, […]

Coke Zero

I’ve been running through the diet drinks at my lunch Deli. I tried Coke Zero the other day. Diet Coke has been one of my fundamental choices, along with Diet Dr. Pepper and Hires Diet root beer. I am a strong believer that you should keep corn syrup out of your diet. Coke Zero ain’t […]

Internet bandwidth to become a global currency

Units of work, the economy, the silver standard and a story from Grandpa. I wrote that title and I can tell that I feel like rambling a little this morning I have a license plate frame that says “WILL WORK FOR BANDWIDTH”. I used to say that the only reason that had a job was […]

What kind of extremist are you?

I was hoping that they had Radical Anarchist as an alternative. (note: this does not show correctly with firefox. Something in my css is over-riding the results.) What kind of extremist are you? Your Result: Rational Person You consider these questions obvious straw men, designed to distract people from a meaningful investigation of facts and […]