As you may have noticed, I am up to $30 from – Capitalism, she is wonderful.

The other pay-to-blog sites don’t seem to have as many jobs and they jobs that they have are for online pharmacies, porn or other obnoxious websites. A coke ad is as American as… well, Coca Cola.

One thing, the traffic on this blog has dropped by 50% in the last month. The RSS traffic is still at a few hundred a day, but the actual blog is not getting as many hits. I have to do a statistical analysis to see if Google is penalizing me for the ads or if it’s just that all my regular readers are on vacation or taking a break. Besides the blog, I have the black hole extensions that screen scrapes the critters black hole, the Cliche List, and my essays. The only essay that gets any number hits is the Space Lab where I have many JavaScript formulas for doing space flight calculations. The Chesley Bonestell Venus Images get a few hits from time to time.

I recently signed up for, which is an affiliate aggregator. You basically create storefronts using their affiliate links. I thought that they provided the affiliate ids so that I would not have to do all the work of applying to the programs that I wanted. It turns out you still have to apply and give them the affiliate IDs. I’ll make my own affiliate links and bypass them. They want one of every four clicks, which would be good if they could improve my sales ratio, but they are not really offering me anything that I don’t already do. Go to and you’ll see my tried and proved links at the bottom of most pages on the site.

Unless I can be convinced of some advantage to giving away one in four clicks, I will not be using any time soon.