John’s top 20 Comedy list

This is Johnny B’s response to my previous post:

Top 20 Comedies in no particular order — (I’m assuming by “funniest” you
mean the best comedies as works of art as there are plenty of mediocre films
that have a lot of funny lines in them, while at the same time there are
also great comedies before which you may hardly ever break a smile):

His Girl Friday (the liveliest, best-directed, sharpest and greatest comedy

Sunset Boulevard (best black comedy)

Eating Raoul (my “camp” entry)

Dr. Strangelove (prophetic masterpiece)

South Park movie (generally not my brand of humor either, but still
enormously funny)

Victor/Victoria (like all great art creates an alternative universe)

Dinner at Eight (incredible cast)

Christmas in July (minor Preston Sturgis masterpiece usually overlooked)

My Man Godfrey (Carol Lombard version)

To Be or Not to Be (amazing chemistry between Barrymore and Lombard)

Broadway Danny Rose (an overlooked gem and Woody Allen’s most masterful
straight comedy)

Born Yesterday

The Bank Dick

Horse Feathers

Zelig (Forrest Gump ripped off the idea but not the brilliance)

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Duck Soup

Being There

The Producers

The Apartment (Billy Wilder is amazing in that he produced two great dark
comedies — this one and Avanti — that have hearts