Ozzfest 2007 – free

I am not a big Ozzie fan. I disagreed when Rolling Stone put Black Sabbath in the top 10 of greatest rock bands, but I do get a kick out of the music. Iron Man is the unofficial anthem of Yonkers, NY where some of my friends live. My good friend, Big Jim, is a drummer in a Black Sabbath cover band and they are a real hoot to listen to.
My cousin was a studio musician on some of their earlier albums.
Anyway, this year Ozzfest is free and coming to a city near you. My Canadian readers seem to be out of luck, but there is a Denver one for J and an Atlanta one for Chris.
I am still searching for the link, but you should be able to sign up for free tickets at sponsor sites. A little Black Sabbath goes a long way, and there will probably be more than a little.
The best quote that I’ve seen is:

Praising Satan with wah-wah pedals and bared breasts just got a whole lot cheaper