Cell Phones Full of Clues

I enjoy writing stories about current technology with just a twist to make it science fiction. I read a blog called Defense Tech that summarizes current military technology. The article below is a Defense Tech summary of NY Times story about how cell phones are being used to catch criminals. I have seen the idea used several times on the generic TV cop shows, Crime Scene and Order (or whatever they call them).

I think I have an idea for a story about a criminal being trapped in an overly complex web of technological snooping. Read the story and think about the poor guy texting his girlfriend about his progress evading the police and tell me you can’t see a plot or two there.

Defense Tech: Cell Phones Full of Clues
I would have linked to the NY Times story, but they require registration.


  1. E.Jim Shannon wrote:

    Hey Keith:
    have you heard about the series Jane's Defense weekly? This periodical keeps up to date not just with US military but international as well. Back in the 70’s a buddy of mine used to get their huge volume annually. I think he paid something like $125/vol. at the time.


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  2. Keith wrote:

    Janes tends to be a defense industry rag and is told from the viewpoint of the industrialist. What I like a about Military.com and DefenseTech.org is that they are insider viewpoints – from the military man – and report negative stories about the military and whistle blowing stuff. They always have cool gadgets like bomb defusing robots, pilotless aircraft, ray guns – the bread and butter of good SF.

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