Monthly Archives: May 2005 Volume 2, Issue 1 done

I published the fifth issue of We are officially a year old. I have already found several typos and two out and out mistakes, but I am tired and I have to walk around the lake. It is time to knock off for today. I have been accessing the internet through my neighbor’s wireless […]


I have been BoingBoinged. There goes the bandwidth! I should have put some links up to my other sites. I have to catch up, now. I hope I can afford this. What was I thinking? Update:It seems that I did not have much to worry about. After a few hours, the traffic has died down. […]

The Sounds of Outer Space

I found this great site where they have recorded some sounds sent back by Voyager and other space probes. This is great stuff. I like the Earth Proton Whistlers. It’s very eerie, like whalesong. —

Barcode experiments

My friend Skip wants to go beyond a Single Identification Number (SIN) and barcode everyone on the arm. This will put a dent in identity theft. I argue that it only opens up a market for skin tone self stick bogus barcode labels. I had a project recently that got me thinking about barcodes. I […]

Chat rooms added to a couple of sites

I added chat rooms to and The Astounding Tales chat room will not be officially announced until June 1. I will set up scheduled chats there because we only get a few dozen users a day at the site so the odds are poor that someone will be there when you log in. […]

Java down again

I have 29 different web sites that I manage. They pay for themselves nicely, but it requires that I keep an eye on them. Two applications are written in Java. and the harp-l archives. I decided to convert a chunk of NameAgalaxy to PHP and mySQL to make it work a little better and […]

Best of Astounding Tales

Arthur Sanchez has finished putting together the first annual Best of Astounding Tales. It’s available in two forms: e-book and paperback. Check them out. Buy a copy or two. Spread the word. Here are the links For the e-book go to: For the paperback go to: You should by a copy. This anthology […]

Rolling and Tumbling

More video madness. Here’s the link to the audio mp3 that I used for background.