I have been BoingBoinged. There goes the bandwidth! I should have put some links up to my other sites. I have to catch up, now. I hope I can afford this. What was I thinking?

It seems that I did not have much to worry about. After a few hours, the traffic has died down., in the same time, had more hits and generated three times as much in ad revenue. I expect to get hits for the rest of the weekend, but I think the worst is over.

Being on looks like it is going to get me a total of under 10,000 views over the next few days and an eCPM (effective cost per 1000 impressions) at about 1/4 that of my other sites. BoingBoingers don’t click ads.

Being linked in BoingBoing is worth about $5 to $10 unless you are selling something.

I never believed that had more FireFox hits than IE hits, but 60% of the clickthroughs from BoingBoing were using FireFox. Normally, I get only 10% FireFox.