Roomful of Blues Tonight!

I just got a pair of free tickets to see Roomful of Blues. RFOB is a largish brass blues band out of Rhode Island that plays down here frequently. I first saw them when the harp player Sugar Ray Norcia was fronting them and Ronnie Earl was the guitar player. They've had many great musicians over the years. Roomful started by Duke Robillard, another great guitar player.

The last time that I saw them, they were not so good. They opened for the Muddy Waters Reunion Band. I hear that they have a harp player as their front man and singer.

The show is at 8PM tonight and I have an extra ticket if you are interested.

My friends are having a blues birthday party for me later this month. Little Charlie and the Night Cats are coming to The Turning Point in Piermont, NY and, so far, six friends have plunked down the 20 bucks to get in. Little Charlie is the very best blues act out there. If you want to make it, you'd better call up and get your ticket right now because Little Charlie always sells out. Harp players might be interested to know that Rick Estrin usually calls Dennis Gruenling up on stage for a couple of songs and they have done duets. If you don't know who Rick Estrin and Dennis Gruenling are, well God bless you.