An 18th Century Conspiracy Theory

S_ H_ (name not known) is publishing Isaac D’Israeli’s book Curiosities of Literature, one chapter at a time at:

Isaac D’Israeli was a writer and critic and the father of the famous Benjamin D’Israeli.

The latest entry “Joan of Arc” is quite interesting because it is the discussion an 18th Century conspiracy theory about Joan of Arc. Specifically that Joan of Arc was replaced with a bundle of wood when she was burned and she lived long afterwards, even married and had kids.

This might be a wonderful starting point for a novel.

Here is a poem quoted at spamula:

Here lies Joan of Arc; the which
Some count saint, and some count witch;
Some count man, and something more;
Some count maid, and some a whore.
Her life’s in question, wrong or right;
Her death’s in doubt, by laws or might.
Oh, innocence! take heed of it,
How thou too near to guilt doth sit.
(Meantime, France a wonder saw-
A woman rule, ‘gainst Salique law!)
But, reader, be content to stay
Thy censure till the judgement day;
Then shalt thou know, and not before,
Whether saint, witch, man, maid, or whore.