This funny little cat that we have been wooing all summer is sick. I grabbed him and stuffed him into the cat carrier this morning and Erica took him to the vet to be fixed. It turns out that he was already fixed, but he has Feline HIV – FIV. This is a death sentence for Archie, and means that possibly he has infected the other cats.

I have asked for a second test, as it is possible that he could test false positive if he has been inoculated. The second type of test is more accurate. If it comes back positive I will have to have Archie put to sleep. Archie has horrible gum disease and it appears that the FIV is already starting to affect him, so there is little hope.

I would keep Archie and let him live a little longer if there were a way to keep him from the other cats. The disease is transmitted by saliva and he eats out of the cat’s bowls and licks the other cats. I hope that the other cats are well. I have no way of segregating him and there is no one who will rescue a feral sick cat.

Damn damn damn damn damn damn damn

Update: It is certain that Archie has the disease. I can’t risk the other cats getting sick and no one wants to adopt a sick cat with probably just a few months left to him. I can’t kick him out because he will still interact with healthy cats.

I told the vet to be gentle and to put him to sleep. I will bury him tonight with Bubble, Squeak, Widget, Penny, Toby and the others under the pine tree.

When we first moved here almost 30 years ago, Bubble was so happy not to be an apartment cat. He used to sit under the pine tree for hours and watch the birds and squirrels in amazement. When Bubble left us, we buried him in his favorite place. Every few years since then, another cat has joined him.

I hate it.

Cats should live longer. We’ve had bad luck with traffic and cat cancers and other diseases. I hope that the current batch keeps out of the road and stays healthy. I can’t keep doing this.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is awful….I’m so sorry about Archie. When can the other cats be tested? You should probably check Max sooner rather than later since he is sickly.

    I think cats are less helathy than they used to be. Nipper lasted over 20 years.

  2. Keith says:

    I buried Archie when I got home from work. I sometimes go out to the pine tree and try to rememer each cat’s name and personality. I hope when I die there are a couple of dozen cats waiting for me complaining that I took too long.

    One problem with cats is the over-population of this area. Disease flies through the cats because they live so close together.

    Also, the innoculations that we have to give the cats sometimes cause cancers. Penny, Toby and Squeak died of cancers that were relatively rare in cats 50 years ago. They were caused by the chemiclas used as a carrier for the shots to prevent rabies, feline leukemia and other things.

    Willie is now older than average and Furry and Max are slowly approaching their first decade. I pray that they don’t get cancer or have caught Archie’s FIV.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I want more cat pictures…..!

  4. Buddy's Space...the grooviest spot around says:

    This is the most wonderfully, beautiful site I have ever come across concerning cats. I laughed, smiled…and cried, oh boy, did I cry! I have three cats of my own, Buddy who found me at the Humane Society, is between 16 and 18 years old, is my first cat and I dread the day I say adieu my friend. How brave you are to allow other cats into your heart and life after being hurt so much by all the deaths.

  5. Lola says:

    It is sad that you had to put Archie to sleep. Which cat is Archie? Can i see a picture? your blog is truly amazing. Too many people have taken cats for granted and abused then on a regular basis without appreciating the real beauty of cats.