Audio version of my Short Story is up

A while ago I wrote this story, but I never was able to find a home for it. I recently dusted it off, rewrote it, and sent it off the a website called 600 Second Saga.

They liked it.


  1. Lori Allen wrote:

    Keith…..Great to hear from you. Weren’t to sure the post was active. And you’d be getting back to me…..Write me and we can email back and forth abut Polhemus house. I have some old pixs you might be interested in……Here’ email addy……[email protected]. Hope to hear from you.


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  2. Lori Allen wrote:

    Keith…..Great to hear from you. Wasn’t to sure it was active……Wanderings…..Write me…I have some pics of Polhemus House you might be interested in.

    My email addy is……[email protected]. ….. Then we can write back and forth……Hope to hear from you soon…..Just put ….KEITH / WANDERINGS in the subject line. So I know its you. Since one gets so much junk mail these days.
    You can also find me on Facebook. My profile icon is a baby’s face……Lori Brooks Allen


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