Explore the Tate Gallery at Night

A while back I was collecting dead Roombas and saving up to buy a programming interface. My idea was to equip the Roombas with a camera and let them loose in a museum so that people from around the world could virtually explore. (An added advantage is that the museums would be cleaned by the Roombas.) I gave up after a while because it was going to cost me a few thousand dollars and I didn’t see any way to make the money back, soon. I still have a pile of dead Roombas in my office. Some actually aren’t that dead and still work, although Roomba battery life is very limited.

Someone at the Tate Galleries in Britain had the same idea. They have four robots that you can control to explore the museum. The Tate in Washington D.C. is my favorite art museum, and I would love to explore the British Tate. Here is the link: