I own a bunch of domains like and I make some money off of them, usually enough to pay for the domain registration. It doesn’t cost me much to host them because I have a hosting plan that doesn’t charge extra for extra domains. A domain costs me $15 a year for registration fees (I use a company called – less of a bargain each year, but it works well). If I don’t make $15 on a domain, I drop the domain.

I have been getting rid of the domains that don’t pay for themselves a few at a time. I just went through them again and I will be dropping a couple of more.

I am dropping: (Love the name, but I can’t keep them all). (I still will have – used to be my idea testing site – not which makes money – not with an s, which makes a little money
I am thinking about dropping – cool name that makes no money – used to make some small change, but no more.
These last two are sentimental. AudioCD was the first domain I registered, and FreeNameAStar was just starting to catch on before International Star Registry threatened me with a law suit and I had to close it down.

This will save me about $100 a year.

I am not getting out of the domain business. I put in two bids on domains that are expiring. One is a microphone company that was big in the 40s and 50s, but is out of business. Its domain name is expiring, but I think the name recognition might fit in to my harmonica sites. Another domain is for a small time book seller site that had a very cool name and a loyal following. I would like to move my “promotional” kindle book search to the site and make it so authors and publishers can add their own books to the site – and I want to make it so the original owners can add books if they want.

I will know if I get the new domains around the end of September.

Another issue is that I need to get rid of I don’t want to host the site anymore, but the group running it now are non-technical and couldn’t manage the transfer.