Monthly Archives: February 2014

Too Much Snow

So far around 10 inches. I went out and shoveled a little at 6 inches and took some pics. I just shoveled the walk again. The plows have not been through in hours. This will keep up until dark so I expect another 4 or 5 inches.

Fixed my touchpad

I replaced the keyboard an touch pad on my Dell Inspiron. It failed a few weeks ago. The touch pad would not move the mouse pointer anymore and the mouse button would click randomly. I recently changed the power brick, and then this happened so I invested the $19.95 in a new front panel for […]

I have not been around much lately

I am sorry that that there have been so few blog posts lately. 1) I have been working at a new job. My monitor is exposed and people walk behind me all the time. I can’t goof off (as much) on this job as I have been accustomed to. 2) I have had some health […]