200 MB of Free Mobile Data for Life

I saw the ad for free mobile for life from t-mobile. If it is for free it is for me. I have a few odd mobile devices including a couple of iPads that I have inherited, but I refuse to pay outrageous data fees to read my email on the bus.

The T-Mobile plan is 200MB which is a tiny amount. You can’t watch youtube videos, but you can read a couple of thousand emails. You can use google maps if you need to, or watch an ebay auction on the road. I like that it is for free.

I had lots of trouble with the cards. I put the first into a Chinese Galaxy S3 clone with two sim sockets. One socket I used for voice and the other one I put in the t-mobile card for data. I had to call customer service to get it going. It works OK now, but the phone is not that great and is very memory bound. I can read my email on the bus, now.

I put the other sim in an old iPad 2. It refused to activate and I spent two hours on the phone with T-Mobile playing ring around the rosey with operators to get it going, but now the iPad has 200mb of free data per month. It took 8 transfers to get the sim to work right.

From what I see, the free data for life activation is full of bugs and the forums are full of complaints. You can’t fix it yourself and you have to spend time on the phone with the operators to repair things.

If you have an older device get yourself a t-mobile sim card from the link below and activate it. It is probably worth the trouble.

200 MB of Free Mobile Data.