Monthly Archives: March 2013

Site down

I have had to move the site back to the original servers. We lost a few weeks doing this. I will reload the files shortly. In the meantime, at least the site works.

Book sales

I received a good review in Amazing Stories Magazine for Frogs in Aspic and yesterday I finally sold the first copy of the book. The title explains everything. There is no hook to it, so people don’t buy it. The stories are more personal and go back to my early influences in SF and Fantasy. […]

If you can read this

I transferred my 5 biggest websites to They load consistently now without error. One site lost some configuration information, but otherwise there were no problems. It took a while to transfer all the databases to the new host, and then I had to change all database references. It looks like they are all doing […]

Transfer Progress

My programming website, is now on another server and no longer generates 500 errors. I finished my Harmonica Tabs site,, to the new server and it is mostly up and running. There is a lot of custom code there so I have to go back and tweak things. My Blues Harmonica Microphone site, […]

500 Errors

I have been getting 500 errors on all my blogs to the point of not being able to use them. It is hurting me financially and I am getting tired of it. In the next few days I will be transferring some of these blogs to another hosting company. There may be some problems […]

Goodbye Truck

I’ve had this truck for about 11 years. I sold it today because I don’t need and can’t afford two trucks. She will be missed. She was a very comfortable truck, but lately she’s been sitting in the driveway and the mice have been building nests in her.

Cake, Walter, Truck

First, this is for Justine. Mom made me a birthday cake. I, alone of my friends my age, still have a Mom who is around to bake cakes. I am very lucky. It is a wonderful cake, Justine, Mom made it from scratch. I had a piece for lunch. Walter, the reluctant rooster, is in […]

Cat book

Larry sent me this picture.