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Science Fiction Text Files.

In the very early days of computers there were hardly any graphics. Everything was text. Things were simpler in those days.

I updated a WordPress plugin to be able to display text files inside a blog. I then searched around and found a site: and I downloaded an archive of old Science Fiction text filed from the 1980s and early 90s. This was my prime and I used to read all of these, connected to a bbs by a 2400 baud modem downloading a 1/10000 the speed of the internet.

I put these files in their own directory, linked to them and as they say “Bob’s your uncle”. The plugin did its magic and now we have a whole pile of articles, stories, discussions, lies and deep truths from 25 years ago. Lots of Trek, some x-files (including x rated fan fiction) and some just plain awful stuff.

Read at your own risk