Cubify – Express Yourself in 3D

I am fascinated by 3D printers. These are printers that create three dimensional objects by “printing” them with some kind of plastic. I’ve seen some that use sugar and the one in the link uses some kind of rubbery vinyl.

Cube Hero
I don’t know, yet, what kinds of things that I’d like to print. The print cartridges look pricy – much more than printer ink – but eventually I want something like this.

Cubify costs $1299 list and will be released any minute now.

There are many others on the market, but all of them cost more than I can pay.

I think one that could print in hard styrene or some kind of epoxy mixed with metal would be very useful. The first think I would print would be copies of antique microphones that I could sell on eBay. I guess a rubber microphone would be cool.

My guess is that in these early machines, a 5 inch cube of plastic would cost $50 at least. It is not yet cost effective for actual manufacturing. It would be good for making prototypes.

Cubify – Express Yourself in 3D.

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  1. Justine wrote:

    It reminds me of a “replicator” from Star Trek…..

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