Void in New York

I used to get Mother Earth News and loved it, but I haven’t thought about them for years. I guess they are still around. I’d like to see if there still is a magazine to subscribe to.

Anyway they are holding a neat contest, but it is void in NY.

I want to win these things, although I don’t really need a Heifer in the back yard. The rest, especially the Bee kit and the log splitter are things that I would like.

If you know anybody who would be willing to enter for me who does not live in Hawaii, Alaska, Florida, New York, Rhode Island or Puerto Rico, please urge them to enter in my name using their address.

Holy Cow! Homesteading Sweepstakes.

The prizes are:

  1. Registered Highland Heifer from American Highland Cattle Association ($3,400.00)
  2. HFE-21 Homesteader Sawmill from Hud-son Forest Equipment ($2,495.00)
  3. Dual-Action Log Splitter from DR Power Equipment ($1,348.00)
  4. Bee Keeping Kit from Brushy Mountain ($1,583.90)
  5. Incubator from Brinsea Products ($537.00)
  6. Winscombe Chicken Coop from Brinsea Products ($890.00)
  7. Nutrena® Poultry Feed from Nutrena® ($500.00)
  8. NutreBeef® products from Nutrena® ($500.00)